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About me

Welcome to my digital domain, where personal growth, professional expertise, and passionate pursuits converge. This website embodies my ‘learning by doing’ philosophy, blending my proficiency in FP&A and Data with my emerging love for web design. Each page here is a crafted intersection of analytical depth and artistic expression, showcasing my journey from data expert to digital innovator, where personal interests, professional skills, and creative passions meet.

Early life: As an early millennial, I was Born and raised in Morocco, a nation in Northwest Africa and one the oldest Monarchies in the world, I grew up surrounded by a tapestry of diverse cultures and beliefs. Morocco’s legacy of harmonious coexistence among Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others has deeply influenced my worldview.

My early life in the city of Meknes, a city renowned for its modest charm, was sculpted by the guiding hands of my parents: a dedicated teacher and a skilled carpenter. They instilled in me the virtues of perseverance, dedication, respect and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Being the second child, I was fortunate to draw inspiration from my elder brother, a now renowned architect, whose accomplishments have always fueled my aspirations.

A Global Perspective: Exploring the World: Travel is a cornerstone of my life, offering a wellspring of inspiration and growth. From early on, I’ve been blessed to traverse the globe, immersing myself in various cultures. My childhood and teenage years were often spent in the Netherlands, in the warm, familiar confines of my uncle’s home, which became a cherished second home. There, I was introduced to a world of new perspectives and experiences, igniting my lifelong passion for travel.

My adventures didn’t stop there. I relished holidays in Spain with my brother, each visit enriching my cultural tapestry. My journeys extended to various corners of Europe, each country offering its unique heritage and experiences. A memorable trip to Qatar opened my eyes to the rich traditions and modern innovations of the Middle East. And most recently, Canada, particularly Toronto, welcomed me with its incredible diversity and warmth, leaving a profound impact on me. as one of the most vibrant and attractive cities in the world.

These travels have not just been journeys across the map, but voyages of personal growth, shaping my global outlook and deepening my appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures and people.

My Journey Through Moroccan Cities: Currently based in the vibrant heart of Morocco, Casablanca, my professional and educational journey has been as diverse as the cities I’ve embraced. From my early education in Meknes and Fes to further studies in Casablanca, each city has contributed uniquely to my academic and personal growth. These experiences laid a strong foundation, enabling me to navigate through varied industries with agility and insight.

My professional path has taken me to different cities like Taza, Tangier, Mohammedia, and Casablanca, each offering its own challenges and learnings. Working in Retail, Consumer IT goods, and heavy machinery across these locations has not only ingrained in me versatility and adaptability but also a deep understanding of different regional dynamics. This rich tapestry of experiences across various Moroccan cities has been instrumental in shaping my approach to technology and data, allowing me to view challenges through a uniquely broad and informed lens

To delve deeper into my journey, explore the ‘Background‘ page where more details of my professional and academic adventures await

Embracing Change and Innovation: In a world constantly transformed by technology, I see change not just as an inevitable part of life, but as an opportunity for continuous learning and growth. This website is a testament to that mindset – a digital canvas where I experiment and bring to life new ideas in data visualization, engage with the evolving world of machine learning, and delve into the expansive potential of artificial intelligence. Here, my passion for Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) merges seamlessly with my curiosity for tech innovation. This is especially pertinent as FP&A itself is undergoing a significant transformation, shifting from traditional roles to modern ones. This new era of FP&A focuses less on data production, thanks to automation, and more on strategic thinking and decision-making. My journey here reflects a commitment to embracing this change, showcasing how I harness the power of data and AI to push the boundaries in our digitally-driven era, and contribute to the evolution of FP&A from classic number crunching to a more strategic, decision-oriented approach.

Future Aspirations As I look towards the future, my ambition extends beyond the current horizons of data analytics and AI-driven technologies. I am deeply fascinated by the transformative potential of machine learning and AI in redefining our approach to data interpretation and decision-making. This website serves as more than a showcase of my past endeavors; it’s a launchpad for a future where my contributions to the fields of Data Science and AI become increasingly impactful.

In this journey, I am particularly enthusiastic about embracing a multicultural environment, recognizing the rich insights and perspectives that diverse cultures bring to the technological landscape. My goal is to continuously learn and evolve, not just in technical skills but also in understanding the myriad ways technology intersects with different cultures and industries. Equally important is my commitment to sharing knowledge,  fostering a collaborative community where ideas and learnings are exchanged freely, thus enriching our collective understanding and progress in these dynamic fields.

Moreover, I aspire to become a polyglot, driven by a love for languages and the belief that effective communication transcends borders and connects us on a deeper level, enabling richer interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.

Connect and CollaborateI warmly invite you to explore my website, immerse yourself in my projects, and kindly share your valuable insights. Whether you share my passion for data, you’re a curious visitor seeking knowledge, or you envision a potential collaboration, let’s connect and embark on a journey to unlock the boundless opportunities that the world of data and technology offers. Together, we can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and discovery